Thumbies Fingerprint Jewelry

Thumbies Fingerprint Jewelry

We will be glad to assist you in ordering beautiful Thumbies. Call any of our locations and we can explain the many beautiful options available in Thumbies Jewelry.

Sometimes it's the small things that mean the most. A look. A smile. The touch of a hand.

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Our Funeral Home and Meadowhill Company craft keepsake jewelry from the unique fingerprints of the special people in our lives. From a supplied two-dimensional ink print, we create exact three-dimensional replicas in precious metals. The surface of each piece invites touch; the engraved backside records a name and date or special message. More than anything else, Thumbies keepsakes connect us with those we love.

The finished charm has a convex top side which has the print cast into the metal. The back surface is flat to accommodate the engraving. This 5/8" long by 1/2" wide Thumbie charm is available with the following options:

  • Three precious metals
    Sterling silver
    14k yellow gold
    14k white gold
  • Four surface designs
    Full fingerprint
    Rimmed fingerprint
  • Chains Sterling
    silver box chain
    14k yellow and white gold
    anchor chain
  • Engraving
    This Standard Charm includes two lines of engraving.

"Everytime I reach up and touch my Thumbie Charm, I can feel my husband's love and know that he is close by, even if only in my heart." Carol Spencer.

Thumbies starting price from $185.